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Our Services

We provide diversified financial services through our subsidiary entities which are:

1. Merritt Investment Managers

2. Merritt Insurance

3. Merritt Securities

Merritt Securities Pty Ltd is a South African based Stockbroking company that offers trading, investment services and research to its clients, through different platforms which include Direct Market Access (DMA).

  1. Equities trading in JSE listed securities covering the following markets:
    • Sub-Sahara Africa -Listed Equities
      Exchanges – Tanzania (DSE), Kenya (KSE), Mauritius (MSE), Botswana (BSE), Bourse Régionale des Valeurs Mobilières SA (BRVM), Egypt (EGX), Morocco (CSE), Ghana (GSE), Mozambique (BVM), Namibia (NSX), Nigeria (NSE), Rwanda (RSE), Uganda (USE), Zambia (LuSE) and Zimbabwe (ZSE).
    • Global Markets Exchanges -London Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange and Australian Stock Exchange.
  2. Bonds trading in SA issued Bonds comprising of Government Bonds, Corporate Bonds, Inflation Linker and SOEs Issuances.
  3. Quantitative Research which focuses on the following::
    • Government Bonds Analysis (SA only)
    • Interest Rates Analysis (Swap Curve Analysis)
    • Credit Market Analysis
Target market

- Non-controlled clients.

4.Merritt Administrators

Merritt Administrators offers administration services to professionals and non-professionals, to ensure that a company’s insurance records are properly administered. We facilitate communication between the underwriter and clients through the use of technology and systems that are in place, coupled with creative thinking, which enables us to continuously look for ways to improve our products and services offered to clients.

Target market

  • Co-operatives .
  • Organisations (Churches, Burial Societies, Funeral parlours, Stockvels) .
  • Unions
  • Companies
  • Brokers

What we Do


Merritt Securities is able to execute trades through agency, DMA and partnering with other services providers, with the relevant skills/platforms in different exchanges and jurisdictions.

  • JSE listed securities
  • Bonds – Government Bonds, Corporate Bonds, Inflation Linked Bonds and SOEs

Trading and investment

Opening an account with Merritt Investment Managers (MIM) gives you access to a large number of benefits. We provide top quality multilingual customer service and offer a high level of account security to our clients.

Explore the wide range of investment options offered below and choose the trading products that are best suited for your needs, strategies and objectives.

Equities trading

Indices trading

Commodities trading

Contract for Differences (CFDs) trading

Forex trading

Quantitative Research

Merritt Securities understands the importance of research and the role it plays in assisting clients with their day to day investment decisions. It is for this reason that we have partnered with reputable third party researchers, with extensive skills in quantitative research, particularly focusing on fixed income and equities markets. Through this relationship, Merritt Securities offers Quantitative Research to its client, which covers the following:

  • Government Bonds Analysis (SA only).
  • Interest Rates Analysis (Swap Curve Analysis).
  • Credit Market Analysis.
  • Quantitative stocks filter.

The Copula Capital team of analysts uses the quantitative approach to analyse fixed income and equities markets, thereby assisting our asset management, hedge fund and pension fund clients with their investment decisions.

Government bonds:

Interest rates analysis:

Credit market analysis:

Quantitative stocks:

Funeral cover

Merritt Insurance provides assurance for a decent funeral of a loved one by affording people from different social statuses competitive premium rates and ensuring that much needed services are availed to clients in time of need.


Merritt Administrators offers a wide range of services which cover the below functions:

Administration of long-term insurance policies
  • Reports and Data Extractions.
  • Fully customisable Group Policy Management.

Claims management
  • Claim process
  • Premium and claim reporting.

Administration solutions
  • Mobile.
  • Web.
  • Full interactive reporting.

Communication facility
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Post

Collection Facility

Different types of premium collections to suit our client’s needs.